Skill charts

The 8 Keys to Excellence


The 8 Keys of Excellence character education program guides young people toward a positive future full of confidence, motivation, creativity, team work, leadership and valuable life principles. Go over each Superhero Power with your child/children along with examples  After role playing and going over examples. Ask once per day if anyone in family used a super hero power. Remind family members to tell themselves "I believe I can!" Give words of encouragement.

bucket filling

Bucket filling is a fun activity for the entire family. Fill drops of water in your buckets! It is a way to discuss and praise one another for all the wonderful ways we have filled one anothers buckets. I encourage you to read to your children about bucket filling to gain a better understanding: 


Bucket Filling are actions or words that show that you care about someone. Saying or doing something kind. Giving someone a heartfelt smile. Using names and respect. Helping without being asked. Giving sincere compliments. Showing respect for others. There are hundreds of wonderful ways to fill buckets. The language of bucket filling has become synonymous with being kind and thoughtful. Your bucket will be filled when, at the close of each day you reflect on ways in which you have filled buckets. Encourage your family to fill each others buckets. Give compliments and praise to one another for bucket filling. You can use velcro to place drops of water in your bucket. 

I'm bored chart

Us adults keep lists, so why shouldn’t children have lists or cues to remind them as well about their goals! Creating routine charts is great training for children to learn time and life management skills. Parents help their children by guiding them in the creation of their routine charts instead of creating charts for them. This chart was created by my son including all the activities he enjoys doing at home. Our job as parents is to help children be self-sufficient instead of dependent. Teaching children to create routine charts is a great step toward that end. Guiding children to create routine charts is just one of the many ways to empower children to feel and be competent and capable. As a parent, you can refer to chart, no need to verbally go over lists and engage in conversation when your child says, "I'm Bored!" They are empowered to know what to do when they are bored. 

wheel of choice

One of the biggest mistakes for adults is to make demands instead of offering choices. Children will often respond to choices when they don't respond to demands.It is important that children are involved in making respectful choices. They should also be involved in creating a Wheel of Choice to enhance feelings of belonging, significance and capability. It is important to teach your child that feelings are okay, but what they do is not always ok. Teach acceptable ways to respond to hurt feelings. When your child is angry say, "I hear that you are angry, what would be helpful for you to use the wheel of choice or go to your cool out space?

Meal Manners

Mealtime is a time to talk about most things, not food. At the table, Talk, play I spy games, ask questions about things kids want to talk about and leave time to have adult talk so they learn social skills. During breakfast and lunch, remind your child about your plan, “Lets play a game and practice your Mealtime Manners.” Set a timer, say excuse me, sing a song that he would like to share, and tell a story that he might want to tell Daddy. Encourage him to say “excuse me” when needed during mealtime. Basic food tips- let your child help prepare dinner when possible, put food on the table and ignore what your child doesn’t eat. Give the expectation, If your child acts out during the meal kitchen is closed, no surprises. Post the plan near the dinner table and remember to make it positive and fun. Give encouraging words! 


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